FRIDAY EVENING!!! sjfsjgxjgzgkzkhdkys

Hnnnnngggg this week has been A LOT. I am too excited to have a couple days off :blush:

Also, hot.

How are you all? :heart:


Evening @Witches!

We delivered The Child to her grandparents this afternoon so we have an empty until Tuesday.

Thai food is due to arrive at 6.30 and we’re currently watching Space Force. I’ll be drinking some nice beers soon.



Nice. As the clock struck 17:30 I put a bottle of fizzy wine in the freezer. I will be drunk.


Just poured a rum and coke.


it’s raining again :slight_smile:

Can someone with the green roasting send me a pic of the beetroot harissa bulgur wheat recipe please. Our copy is with a pal and they aren’t in

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  • She said, “Fine.”
  • Told a dirty joke.

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Evening @Witches @keith @Bamnan @jordan_229 @Aggpass

Home from a day in the office and a commute that I don’t miss one bit. But it’s the weekend :partying_face:

Having hotdog and chips for dinner. Might open a bottle of wine when the girls have gone to bed.

It was nice to meet up with a couple of my team at lunchtime. I’ve got a lingering fear that I talked too much though.


Here you go:


A massive sushi delivery has just arrived. Hi and bye.


Haha! That’s on our list to try this week too. Not sure we’re having bulgur wheat though, I think we’re going to mix it up with another grain.

hiya witches. got some sweet potato fries im pretty excited about coming up.

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Good evening!

Had a deliv from Tiny Rebel and I’m on a Key Lime Lager, and predictably it’s great.

Gonna have homemade gnocchi and a negroni with a quiz later.

Baby’s birthday at the park tomorrow.

Pretty chipper.


Ordered pizza to celebrate finishing a big project. I’m on call tonight as second line support.

I just know my phones going to ring as the pizza turns up.


Scampi and chips for dinner, which was nice.

I’m currently being subjected to Frozen II on Disney plus. No idea about the story though, I missed the first bit and I’ve spent the last half an hour to eat rather than be distracted by a film.

Beer later, I think :beers:

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Sitting in the garden while the TV makes dinner.
(I did all the prep so have no guilt)



At work for another hour. Having a twister and a raspberry lemonade kombucha

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a classic

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Really wanted a beer whilst waiting for the train today. But the M&S was shut, and four-pack of Pint Cans from Sainos was never going to happen.

i thought about making my own booch

looks difficult though