Friday Evening, the snow commute

How was your commute home?
I left a little early as the Caterham train line was suspended due to a train being stuck and the roads being gridlocked due to the hills being closed.

Was expecting a 6 mile walk, but the train turned up as I got there (40 minutes late), so I have an evening.

We’ve got a beef casserole for dinner and some nice beers. Might watch a film.

This is the approach hill to my road, glad I left the car.

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Typical 83746725

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got home about 4 so no dramas. had a little walk through a very snowy pak, saw a dog trying to eat snow as it fell which was a delight. started on the booze already, gonna eat some chicken* nuggets and mac’n’cheese and wait for masterchef to come on. go to bed at 9:30 probably.

For once I’m not the biggest cock on the premises.

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Aw! A shamrock!


I wfh’d so no commute for me. I hate working from home but i do like how you finish work and then you’re instantly at home. A bit like being teleported except with the added stress of your house now being tainted with thoughts of work


Just realised we have no suet for dumplings.

Do I

  • Slide down the big hill to Waitrose
  • Make do with bread

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Evening Y. My plans for the weekend have been completely ruined by the snow which is a bummer. Might watch Three Colours Blue for the film thread later.


Was gonna go to the shop but it sounds proper miserable out there and I’ve already been outside today so I’m getting the TV to go on his way home. Fancy just sitting and watching telly with a beer or some vino, maybe playing some Mario Kart.

Off to Arnhem to do some stand up comedy. Got a haircut today after weeks of putting it off as I didn’t want to have to deal with the situation of going to a new hairdresser and struggling even moreso than usual to convey what it is that I want done.

Did some flat viewings earlier, one in Bottendaal which I hadn’t actually got round to visiting yet. The area is fucking beautiful and I hope we end up living there.

My wife’s in London, meant to fly to Burkina Faso for work Sunday but that’s not happening after today’s terrorist attack, which has heightened my emotions too.

Busy day!

Feel guilty for not feeding birds/squirrels/foxes in this cold so just took out a load of bread and old fruit. It was like when all the animals flock to Ace Ventura :heart_eyes:


The police have closed Succombs Hil which is the steepest road hill in Surrey.

Kids have taken it over for tobogganing, its rather charming.


Just had a fried egg sandwich for tea. That reminds me, when is Masterchef on?

No commute as snowday…started reading Apple Tree Yard. Seems cheery.

walked for an hour and a half through the snow to the shops earlier. no further plans to move.

dinner dilemma:

  • finish the leftover tortellini
  • order a filthy pizza

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Was just trying to nap when my Dad rang. Checking I hadn’t died in the snow.

Really fancy a curry but should probably make pasta or something.

Dunno whether to go back out. Probably shouldn’t as feeling a bit down.

I’m back in the pub. Gonna go Pop in Brixton for some #streetfood

I want dumplings, I’m going back out down the hill.


Eh why did you walk that far?

it was the only bike shop that was open