Friday Evening, the snow commute

Got two buses home. Now feel groggy as fuck.

Was gonna pub but its snowing again. Might go to local I guess? Flat is freezing. Need to finish packing for :bike: :es: n all.

prolly gonna do this as well




haven’t read that obesity thread yet, nor the how we talk to each other thread that came after

gonna settle in and read through them

then (or maybe beforehand) i’ll continue with my music plan so i can get a lil closer to releasing something

should be good

Fuck it I’ve put my onesie on

Chicken kiev for dinner @profk


Not sure I would tbh

“Who are The Donnas?”

Foolish question to ask the person in control of the music.

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DiS onesie evening. Got my tiger on.

can we get an irony reading on how much you actually like the donnas?

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Ah that looks so comfy!

Gonna get Chinese takeaway from round the corner.

Got a banging headache.

Prolly watch some 'flix with the TV.

That’s all.

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Bit of a leftfield choice but BAKED BEANS

Not sure how I feel about the morals of ordering a takeaway in this weather. Almost did the other day but thinking of the poor delivery person put me off it.

skull & crossbones onesie: OFF [ON]

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not you as well man! @Epimer has been holding me back all this week

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Pics please

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are you the only person in the world that likes the donnas? i’d wager even the donnas pals dinnae like the donnas