Friday Evening Then

Feeling pretty down tbf sp probably not going to go out but enjoying having the front door open and letting the world swim past while I quietly get drunk.

Also got the (micro)guns out today with a self cut sleeveless tshirt, and wearing a Lords baseball cap so it’s just unreal levels of fashion tbqfhonest.

Wondering if/what to have for tea but ultimately


One of my ATDs is in town for a few days from Vienna, and will be meeting up l8r for a pint, but its a little too much later and I know I’ll get tired and grumpy by then and she’ll be angry with me and I’ll be like SOZ IM TIRED MAN SOME OF US GOTTA WORK.

but maybe not idk.

Excellent news on the microguns Ruffers, I have my very bruised legs out, is a treat for everyone.

We had breakfast AND lunch out today so no dinner, got to get the kids something but I expect I will be opening my fancy new gin shortly so nothing too challenging.

hi r-town. Hope your da is ok. Gonna take some beer home and have a cold shower. Bed at 9pm prob.

Well I just overheard my noisy next door neighbour so to his gf “did I tell you that I shit meself this morning?”, so I’d say the evening has likely already peaked.

Off to see Joyce Manor at the Brudenell, Martha are supporting, should be good fun

Yeah he’s alright ta, apologised profusely over the phone which was silly/inevitable.
Don’t think I’ve ever had a cold shower, sounds sort of harrowing even in this heat?

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Driven to Cardiff. Going to see 20/20 cricket and drink a stupid amount of beer.

At Sophia Gardens? Lovely ground (guaranteed for a Hampshire win too :smile:)

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Like for the fashion, not you feeling down, obvs.

Obligatory evening thread Ruffers selfie



Off to a stag do in that Manchester. Lads lads lads…

Can I see a close up of your badgers please? :rabbit:

hi guys, I’m Bamnan!


Argh, forgot about this. Dang



The trousers are tight enough, just use your imagination.


This took a bit of juggling so hope it comes out alright :smiley:

german goths

And some Barcelona hardcore


Thank you!! They’re very cool, I like the wee demony diat one especially :smiley:

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