Friday evening thread - 15th anniversary of the smoking ban SPECIAL

Am sat literally feet away from where I had my last legal indoor cig in the UK. mad to think it’s Friday.

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15 years. Doesn’t seem that long ago (and it was even longer ago here in Wales as it was banned a year or 2 earlier).


Going to play some computer games and eat some ice cream and not remind my pal that we were meant to have a phone catch-up tonight because they’ve rearranged it three times now and I’m sick of feeling like chopped liver over here.

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Anyway, I need to get off the sofa and get ready as I’m meeting a mate for a pint in a bit.

Had mushroom risotto for tea. Not much else to report.

Got a surprise date night going on. Hyped!


Definitely 15 years, I’d smoked for a year at 16, then had it banned for a year when I was 17. Good ban imho, made me dip into the back of pubs during my school lunch to get on the cig machines. Remember those?
Oh shit turns out it was a couple years earlier for me. tldr, I’m old.

Hi @Avery i would like to apply for one of your likes please

Here is a photo of Alfredo to hopefully earn it


Seems like it would’ve been longer than that tbh.

Memories of it being a thing the first few years I was going to the football but 15 years ago, I’d have been 17 and was regularly in pubs but have no memories of smoking indoors still being a thing.

If I had to guess, I would have said 2005.

I do! Was very useful when I was too young to even get away with being served underage. Good fun. Like a fruity but you always win, in a way. And loose in another.

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Anyway, good evening.

Had keema matar for dinner.

Going to take the dog for a walk in a few minutes and then have a beer when I get back.

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Evening all!

I’m in North Shields. I’m in my parents’ house.

Wor Lass and I are going out once The Child is asleep. Can I have a like for my first pub visit in the last two months @Avery?

I was talking to my barber the other day about the smoking ban. I remember when going anywhere with booze meant you’d come home reeking of cigarettes. My hair was about the length and texture of @inthedusk at that point and it could definitely hold some fumes.


I’m on my way back from holidays. Stopping off in Cumbria and watching some tennis and cycling.

I pretty much stopped drinking during the pandemic, but have started again on holiday. Going well so far.


Just woke up from a nap. Might go and get a bottle of Buckfast.


Some super strong entries already. I can tell this is going to be hard to judge. keep them coming, pals. Remember there’s a whole 10 likes on offer here.

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Absolutely knackered. Didn’t finish work til late cause of the tour (as featured in The Independent btw :nail_care:)
Just been sent some pictures of the new arrival and he’s got a lot more hair than me already. Having this for tea.


£1 seems quite steep for cheese


Suppose it is a large cheese


Hoping that it’s some fancy posh stilton or something, make the extra quid worthwhile.

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You can speak on the phone to me and the cat if you’d like?!?!?

Obviously you don’t deserve that awful fate and I’m really sorry this has happened again. I hope it’s not impacted your evening too much and it definitely isn’t a reflection on you