Friday evening thread - 17.02.2017


Waiting for @Lo-Pan and his TV to turn up in a pub in Dublin city centre. I think I’m going to hammer at least one more pint into me before they get here.

What are you all up to?


Having noodle soup and hoping she’s forgotten that I probably promised to rearrange the spare room tonight


Only have my least favourite ready meal left to eat


bout to eat dinner, then will probably spend the eve watching youtube videos of people playing computer games


What kind of noodle soup?




Yay!! Hope you guys have a great night! Post picture updates of your bantz!

After making lots of suggestions for fun things we could do this evening the unbroken tv has decided we should either invite people over or go to the pub. Evidently the idea of being alone with me without a tv is unbearable :joy: oh well…

Plan so far is curry, beer and waiting to hear back from people about a potential board game night. He’s thinking Risk but I’m all about the settlers. Pray for me.


Tesco finest teriyaki pork


Ate the pork.

Might just go to bed.


Coupla beers, gonna head out on the town later. Done my hair all gothy like Nick Cave. Winnerrrr.


hi everybody! I finished my new song today. Productive day


wow dead on here huh?


Change old plan. Eggs on toast with homemade coleslaw. It was alright, aaaaaaalright




Evening, just did a shop for essentials.*

*beer, crisps and twisters


Wife’s doing a @meowington



you ever wonder why mr bean is wearing that jacket at the beach




Made spag bol for dinner. Although it was with Quorn mince and used Action Man Bowties instead of spag.

Just did the Ocado order for Sunday morning.

Watching la television with rum and coke and those little cheese savoury snack things. Happy weekend everyone!