Friday evening thread 17/05/2019

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Well I had a terrible evening


How come


Went for a meal with a friend, which was alright, then went to the pub, a few of my friend’s friends were there so we sat with them, wasn’t really part of the conversation (which is my own fault, don’t know how), as the night progressed I felt like I couldn’t even look in the direction of the conversation as it must be pretty weird to have someone just sitting there in silence, so just did the smart phone thing which must have seemed really rude, basically just felt weird and conspicuous the whole evening


They’ve taken the corks out of Leffe and now it’s a bottle cap like all the other beers and I’m FUCKED off.


That’s leffe.



i laughed


solidarity. have had those nights also.

you’re a lovely fella so nevermind, fuck it, you’ll be asleep in a bit and that’s great.


You must be feeling pretty leffe down

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I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m quite often like that. But people just know that’s how I am, or if they don’t I hope they realise.

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Ive had too much giddiness and can’t sleep. might have a midnight bath.


None of your leffe jokes can penetrate my armour cause I’m one of those people who call it leffie.

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please close the thread now, is the morning


Someone start the morning thread immediately


Leffie Graf.


Shitty day/week turned into a great evening, went on a long walk (well, long for me) and have listened to some beautiful new music

feel dead peaceful

swimming, FA Cup Final and Eurovision tomorrow! yaaaay


Might get some revels from the station vending machine

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Oh no

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Eaten loads of after 8s and a pack of monster claws but im still starving

  • Make yourself a cheese roll!
  • Stop eating!
  • What are monster claws?

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Monster claws are the aldi monster munch @Juke. Delicious.