Friday Evening Thread: A Light in The Dark

What bounce you doing kids?

I’m probably going to stay in and annoy you all, I’m off to Cheltenham tomorrow to do some songwriting with an ATD.
There’s a lot of handsome Italians in Cardiff already for the hand-egg tomorrow. I can’t think how much appalling banter anyone supporting the teams playing England, and sadly, Wales will be getting this weekend.


having a lovely time navigating all manner of train cancellations trying to get to the Isle of Wight

about to pass though @profk country I think???


yo yo ruff dawg, couple hours left of work for me then will be slaying beers and listening to music.

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I didn’t set up my studio today, sorry

WELCOME TO GTROIT :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


How much gear are you setting up Bam?

Is that French?

oh wait I already went through there

next stop HASLEMERE


Surprising number of French restaurants and Boulangeries in Guildford tbf

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I’m starving, I didn’t anticipate how long this journey was going to take. I’m going to have to have a terrible dinner on the ferry. in three hours time. Fuuuuuu

That’s even more prof country


nothing too major, just a couple of monitors, one of these

guitar pedalboard, midi keyboard, synth and Kemper profiling amp.

Need to tidy the shit out of my room which is the main hurdle. Was too tired today after staying up most of last night convinced I was dying

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Ah there’ll be other times! The singer in two of my bands is doing (his second) gardening degree there :smiley:
I’m hoping I see loads of jockeys


Gonna walk into the pub and loudly ask WHEN ARE ENGLAND PLAYING?!’


So cruel when you feel all satisfied and get some work finished that you’ve been working on all day, the client approves it so you make the changes live and check everything, yep all working fine. Go onto the blog page and realise the articles are using the fucking ‘case study’ layout file (which you’ve made loads of changes to not knowing this) and as a result no longer have a header image or sidebar, and then you know its going to be at the back of your cunting mind all weekend because nothing can ever just go smoothly

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I just helped a gang of tourists take a photo outside the castle, they were adorable


And a very good evening to you fine people.

Have had a constructive day at work and now about to meet an ATD for some ramen and liquor.
Tonight could go a number of ways. :thinking::grinning:


hot tip: don’t mix bleach with other household cleaning products!

Nearly clattered into multiple small children on my run. London is too busy.

I like the smell of bleach, there, I said it.

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