Friday evening thread for the rest of us

Hiya! What’s up?


I’m sitting on the bed waiting for the Tascam to export files, while the sky outside is that late evening shade of dark blue that I like

awww nice cat!

…and human :slight_smile:

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Which one are you?

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat:

Just had some pizza, played some videogames. Rugby on TV starts soon.

hiya wr

just ate a pizza and now a little sad that there’s no more pizza

I feel like a new Bam!


What’s up everyone? Going to drink some beer, keep reading ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ and listen to Pharaoh Sanders for the next two hours. Then I’m meeting some ATDs for a pint.


Before my ushering duties began today.

Gonna hit the booze hard after the speeches


You have a fine head of hair!

At the in laws in Skipton. Happiest place in the UK apparently.

Cheers mush. Sort of thinning a bit behind the fringe from years of wearing a bike helmet

Also, waistcoats are proper pointless

Also had pizza. Spinach and ricotta.

Now munching veggie Colin the Caterpillars. Caramel week on bake off, yes I am behind. Tasty!

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love Skipton
went on a 1 hour canal trip with Dave Spikey commentary
one of the best hours of my life

Love that everyone’s eating pizza. I just finished mine.

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no pizza here :frowning:

Had Chinese (didn’t get the pizza memo). Also about to catch up with this week’s bake off. Feeling pretty tired after a hectic week and got an early hockey match tomorrow so pretty happy to do nothing. Wish I had some cider in though.

cheers wr! cheers cat! cheers everybody!


Is it actually good!? Might do it tomorrow.

doner kebab and an elvis juice for me

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