Friday evening thread for the rest of us

Also bought these to give to my friends little boy tomorrow but they’re too cute and I don’t want to hand them over.


Hi White Russian, cat, and all :wave:

I am also in on the Friday pizza club. Had one with beetroot, squash and goats cheese which was decent enough for a change.

Nothing else planned for the rest of the evening.

well I loved it but I really love barges
you can get a beer on it too

:heart_eyes: I love Elmer, those are very cute. I have a duvet cover which is a decent approximation of his patchwork, pretty much can hide my boy’s soft toy Elmer in it:

(old picture, I didn’t take it just for this occasion)


I know nothing about Elmer but I just love the colours!

That salted caramel coffee stout ticketybrew is nice

Our daughter has that elephant! We call him Doug, he’s super super soft. (The non-Elmer one)

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well up for that one. starting with a mystery can from last year’s indy man beer con that we found in the back of the fridge(its indy man beer con this wknd so its been there literally a year). it’s black as night and strong as fuck :flushed:

i would drink this

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Definitely one of the better young children’s book series, I am actually remember having the first one when I was small. David McKee is a great illustrator with backgrounds especially (his lions are always weird though).

Ours is called Steve, he is indeed so soft. Probably gets cuddled more by me than the lad!

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I’ve nipped out for a pint.

Cheers all.


i should

  • buy some beers
  • finish a bottle of wine
  • polls don’t work so what’s the fucking point of this
  • ham sandwich

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Polls are back!

it’s a sign

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It’s all about wine, wine every time.

Wine your body/
Then put beer in ya belleh


i will drink this

Me peering through a glass of wine. Pretty arty?


Am in deep, gone for a proppa profk Irish exit

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