Friday evening thread, late

Probably three other people typing up evening threads as I do this.

How was your week? Anything good for your weekend ahead? What type of pizza are you having? What are you having if you aren’t having pizza and why no pizza? AOB?

This 'un

With sweet potato fries. Had about an hour ago though.

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Evening FL! Young Fathers on loud, walking to pals exhibition opening. Morning dread has largely gone thank goodness

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Made a nsfnp tea of sweet potato chunks roasted and then tossed in a salad with cherry toms and spinach, had that with a baked trout. Needed a healthy tea as I’ve been eating junk almost non stop for over a week

We got free tickets for Tim Key tonight thanks to my mate’s work getting too many for a team build thing , so heading out to that with my daughter in a mo. My son was more interested in hanging out with his mates, probably for the best as we would have had to lie about his age.

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Got to drive to Birmingham and back tomorrow

:wave: hi FL.

Am in between bands at All Points East. Hope your SFPP goes well. I didn’t have pizza because there was a big queue at the stall and I couldn’t be arsed to wait.


Hi hi hi! Had a feta and caramelised onion sfpp was very good. Now started on the wine.

Watching the news, never watch the news and now realising why.

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Evening team. Moving day went really smoothly, very happy with the new place, just had Chinese, relaxing with some Parks and Rec, will almost definitely be asleep by 9. Cheers everyone!


Trying to have a nap but the birds outside my window are not napping.

How’s the cat cope with your moving?

Looks very nice, how was it?

Also, @Slicky your pizza sounded :yum: too.

Just had a simple cheese stuffed crust one here, was satisfyingly cheesy tho.

Remarkably well! She’s been pretty calm thankfully, and she’s enjoying being able to see a lot of birds from the window now!

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Glad it all went smoothly Funky, hopefully this place is somewhere for the long term for you at last :crossed_fingers:

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Seen anyone good so far?

Thanks FL! Let’s hope so, it’s really nice

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:wave: :flashlight:

Got quite terrified that you were in my head for a second there reading the op. Having a pepperoni ‘za with some dirty fries and garlic bread #biege

Got some salted cazza chouxnuts for dessert because London.

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Half term! :rainbow: :star: :sunny: :heart: :surfing_woman:t3:

Celebrating by laying in bed


Hope the All Points East crew have a top evening too :call_me_hand:


Took me a moment to figure out what a chouxnut was. Would try.

Have a raspberry magnum for my desert :drooling_face:

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