Friday Evening Thread of Evening Friday

Good evening everyone. It’s Friday and it’s the evening. Please tell me the following:

  • Whats for dinner?
  • What you drinking?
  • What are your weekend plans!?

Love to all :blush: :heart:

P.S. Sorry if someone has already started a thread! AAH!!

  • Whats for dinner?

Not on dinner book but I had vegetable soup for lunch

  • What you drinking?

Coke zero

  • What are your weekend plans!

Working both days on tours and both nights on researching next week’s route. Waaaaa.

For some reason I decided for my first tour of 3 weeks earlier today to wear my newish boots rather than the comfortable trainers that I’ve worn for roughly 7000 miles over the last 2 years without any problems. My right foot is covered in blisters now. Nice one.

Oh nooo, sorry to hear about your feet. I hate when this happens. I’ve been wearing no shoes or vans for the last year and a half, and the one time I decided to wear some reasonably smart shoes, please note I’d worn them lots before and never had an issue with them, I ended up with proper wounds on the back of my feet. I ended up throwing the shoes away because they were covered in so much blood on the inside :scream:

Going to go buy some coke zero.

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Just ordered chicken wings, cajun chicken burger and fries from the deli round the corner.

Got a couple of bottle of red. One from Naked wines in the decanter and a decentish Co op bottle too.

Mainly will be trying to get the garden sorted out more for when we have people visiting next weekend. Bottom third where the decking is looks good, top 3rd by the house just needs tidying a bit, but the bit in the middle needs some serious effort. That is somewhat dependent on how I feel after today’s jab.

Oh and Lions at 5 o clock and England at 8 tomorrow.

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Dinner will be some M&S pasta thing I just picked up. I’m on a train you see. Drinking… water.

I’m en route to the Isle of Wight to pick up a car. Those are my weekend plans. I’ve not driven a car since October 2019 so this whole endeavour could be quite interesting.


Hey lovely Witches and lovely Rest Of DiS

Vegetable Makhanawala - it’s like a vegetarian version of butter chicken mmm

Might have a gin and tonic? Quite fancy one

Painting the living room! And exhausting myself. Hopefully I’ll actually sleep tonight.

Happy weekend everyone :partying_face:


Today I used an angle grinder for the first time and cut some tiles so I very much feel like a Strong Independent Woman :muscle:

I had a late lunch. I’ve got a duck breast in the fridge so might cook that a bit later.

Tea and water for me.

More decorating. My friend was supposed to be coming to stay for a week but can’t travel due to all the restrictions :cry:


Have the rules around mask wearing on trains changed? Literally no one in my carriage is wearing one :no_mouth:

Shoes can do one. The trainers that are really comfy are starting to wear away on the inside and I’m gutted. Can guarantee the new version of them won’t be as comfy somehow.

evening witchy, DiS


a knock off san pelly. it’s not that good.

tomorrow, lunch. sunday, compete in the scottish club :flying_disc: championship


I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks but was very nearly tempted to buy a six pack of San Pellegrino last week because they had amazing flavours. One was fig and something and another was pomegranate and something. I might buy them tomorrow when I go shopping as the weather is due to be nice at the weekend.


Had beige dinner (Quorn dinosaurs). Won at Fortnite. Going to have an ice cream and watch the esports I think.

36 years old


I’m sure nobody cares but I’m really enjoying listening to Steely Dan right now!


Got a headache and my vertigo still hasn’t fully gone away yet. Had a week off and I’ve wasted it by feeling rubbish the whole time. And i found a moth yesterday (we discovered an infestation last year but I’d not seen one for months). Urghhhh

party in a bit

GWS Robes!

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Watching STV just had an advert ‘Get Ready to Edinburgh again’


Friend came for cup of tea which was great, have made some loose let’s go camping plans.

Now pizza, then wine, and football! It’s back!


Stuffing-crusted pork steaks, dauphinois and tenderstem

A budweiser because it was part of the co-op megadeal

Working for a bit tomorrow then not much!

Absolutely fucking exhausted tbh lads.


was about to go for a walk but it’s just started pishing down

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