Friday Evening Thread of Evening Friday

  • had tempeh with cubed and fried potatoes, some avocado, and chilli flakes for tea. Was v tasty

  • probably just going to have a mug of tea in a bit, will save the beers for the football tomorrow

  • working all weekend, which is a bit :frowning_face: but does mean I have a few days off in the middle of next week so mcnulty.gif really

this sounds amazing, googling recipes as we speak


Pizza. Had a fire roaring in the pizza oven for a couple of hours - and did five massive pizzas between the four of us.

Currently having a beer. Might move onto red wine in a bit.

I’ve just cut my wife’s hair! I’ve been bald for over thirty years, and have never visited a hairdresser in my life. It turns out I’m a natural.

Kayak expedition and cinema trip with my youngest tomorrow (Fast & Furious 9. Yes, really).

Also, eldest daughter’s 13th birthday pub dinner on Sunday.


Still funny.

that’s DOCTOR Bumsnogger, pal


There’s a new horror film on Netflix! Hooray!

So I’m going to watch that and eat… something? Probably misery pasta pesto but I’m actually really excited at the idea of it Tbh :blush: gonna have a fizzy wine too because because.

Im officially on holiday for the next week by the way! It’s forecast to rain alllll week but I don’t care im just delighted to be going somewhere different for a change. Yipeeee


Got a car with a CD player again so just ordering a bunch of Ministry Of Sound Throwback albums. First up:


One of these days, Rick Stein is gonna come after me


Forgot about dinnertime again and now I’m a bit :crazy_face: :yawning_face: :confounded: :rage: all at once. Get up and make yourself some goddamn dinner, wr

ooooooh or i could use my last evening of solo living for a while to order in some junk

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The car I’m picking up has a CD player (player player player player player player player) but I forgot to bring any bloody CDs with me didn’t I

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Had a few doubts but managed to eat my whole pizza.

Still got it.


Hit the chazzers up on the isle


Oh fuck yesss

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I’ve had a lot of fun going through all my old CDs and revisiting a lot of things I hadn’t heard in ages but also need stuff like this in my life


going watch that with film club soon i think

cheers, this is a lot more concise than the autobiographical epics I found online!



Dinner was chicken korai & nann bread from the Afghan restaurant (mmm).

Drinking my 3rd Birra Moretti of the evening :beers: Just started watching Fear Street Part 1:1994 on Netflix.

Weekend plans are to do very little as last weekend was hectic!


I’ve started This Is Us. It seems like the right amount of cheese, laughs and things to make you well up. And also Milo Ventimilgia MY GOD :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: hubba hubba come to mama

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