FRIDAY Evening Thread - Title has already been used


The seats at Pizza Union are too small for my butt. I am displeased.

But, on a lighter note, it’s Mother humping Friday, my dudepals!

Hope you all have the best of weekends :kissing_closed_eyes:


used to eat at the king’s x one loads cus it was right by my work. the buzzers used to make me anxious.

idk, might have a beer. might not.


That’s the one we’re in! Bit disappointed tbh,it’s basically a cracker with pizza toppngs on. Who tf is rating this 4.6?!

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its not great, but its really cheap.

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If I’m not too tired, I might watch Maps to the Stars on iPlayer before bed



It’s not a pizza :cry:


Thing I’ll be having Friday pizza for the first Friday in ages too


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I came in expecting to pay £8+
Would rathwr have a proper pizza tbh

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the bases are ridiculously thin - my only gripe.

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tbh, i’m no mr pizza. it all really tastes the same to me.


TBF- toppings are more generous than other places (with bettwr bases)

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Gonna try and lay low tonight. I had pizza last night, might have it again tonight.
Laying low can still mean a few local, right?!


uh oh


Decent levels of cheese n sauce.
Healthy portionof ppeppers.
Could do with more basil but pizza places are all cheap bastards about basil.

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I found 20 pounds in my back pocket

If I didn’t know about it, that’s free money

Fuck you the econony


comes out fucking quick too. i’d say a 4/5 is deserved.


Got given a plush octopus at work, now I’m going to south bank food market for disappointment food, home hollyoaks and some Netflix

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The Twin Peaks hgwir thread just reminded me of how obsessed I am with Twin Peaks

This is now the Twin Peaks thread

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Totally depends what you’re rating it on.
Pizza - 2.5 - those points granted for - some crunch, TINY bit of chew if you’re really looking for it and the aforementioned cheap + generous topping+fast

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as stated, i do not claim to be a pizza dude.