Friday Evening Thread (we still do these right?)

Hello! Not sure if I’ve missed something but seems like a lack of evening threads lately. Let’s get the tradition started back up shall we?

What’s everyone up to on this glorious Friday eve?

Snowed in here which is perfectly fine by me. Music listening, read through some work e-mails and lots of cans.


Crisis sensed by the community yesterday. Neil Young to the rescue today. Gonna put bairn 1 in bed shortly. Then might try to get beyond two beers tonight.


Just played Fortnite with Dr Mrs Epimer. We won, obviously. Thinking of going pro, as a couple.

Now going to make music, eat ice cream and play computer games, in that order.


Nice change of pace for you.


The making music part is tbf, I’ve been slacking

So hungover. But got beautiful Chinese.

My toilet seat broke today, gotta figure out how to fit a toilet seat tomorrow

Just watching the sun set over the Lovell telescope.

Walked 10 miles today to the corner shop…obviously didn’t get anywhere near enough treats. Eat the rest tonight, or save them for tomorrow? (Obviously I’m going to eat them all tonight)



Mixed Starters (prawn toast, seaweed, mini spring rolls, chicken satay skewers, pork rib)

Pork Dumplings

Hot n Sour Soup

Salt and Chilli Chicken

Egg Fried Rice

Chilli oil

Can of Fanta


Hey everyone

I’m listening to Steve McQueen. It’s a wonderful record

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Reckon I could make a decent fist of When Love Breaks Down at a karaoke

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Wow, yum! Wash that down with a couple cold ones right back to normal.

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Drinking some beers and swaying wildly to the roadburn stream. That’s me for the night then.

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cheap pedals working better than expensive pedals fuck off music going to play monster hunter in my pants until bed time fuck off

Made my own bao, filled them with five spice roast chicken and pickled cucumbers with chili oil. 10/10 dinner, chuffed with my work. 1/4 of a big Sainsbos lemon meringue pie to come for dessert, at a time of my choosing.


Oh and sweet and sour chicken balls

We’re a disgrace

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Had my usual Friday pizza. Was good but I had a lot of bread and cheese at the picnic today so maybe not so good as normal as I wasn’t as hungry.

Now watching thing being cast by R. The sideways guys??? Seems purile enough

Still, wine time isn’t it and gardeners world at 9.

lovely.view through the window today…


Geniuses more like.

Alright, big stuff?

Had a pizza. On the booze now.

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