Friday Evening Thread


7 minutes to go until the weekend.

What you all got planned?

I’m going to watch some METAL in Carlisle tonight.


Third rehearsal of the week, brass band contest tomorrow.




before 5:00pm has even been struck. totes contro.


tonight - weed, wine, pizza, film etc
tomorrow - watch scotland spank england at the rugby, followed by celebratory drinks
sunday - dunno, maybe hang out with my nephews


was going to go to the pictures but all i can see is king kong and i can’t really be ringed with that



Harry Potter play part 2.


seen it


aye but late night viewing on the big screen :slight_smile:


Tonight: Run, maybe pub
Tomorrow: Long run, watch the footsports
Sunday: Play football, watch football


Auction houses are so fucking slow.

I could have had a nap in the time one of them is taking to get me my books. If they’d told me that I would have taken said nap in my chair. This is BS


Book Shopping?


This is bookshopping
This is bookshopping
This IS bookshopping


In the new real life drama from Channel 4, Anna Richardson will be investigating the secret world of rare book auctions. THIS is BS!


Oooo hello Friday evening thread!!

My plans are as follows -

Tonight - Going to have a burnt chicken party obvs.

Tomorrow: GYM, coffeecoffeecoffee, opera with a friend. I’m not massively excited about this but it’s something different so it’ll be good I’m sure :slight_smile:

Sunday!! AAAAHH!! I’m so excited!! I’m going to meet my first ever DiSer!! A wizard and a witch are going to go for afternoon drinks and we will of course both be wearing our pointy hats, t’would be rude not to. WOOO!!! Can’t wait to meet your face @WizardLizard


Photos pls

Edit: of your meeting with WL, not in a creepy way


Haha!! How would this have ever sounded creepy!?! It’s a shame because I do creepy very well.


Getting bad feedback from a client is a really shit way to start the weekend :frowning2:


That sounds ace, The Raid is visceral af on a laptop screen, must be incredible in a cinema :punch::boom::head_bandage:


I love listening to the blackbirds evening song they sound so pure and sweet :sob: I’m just so happy warm late and bright evenings are starting to happen