Friday Evening Thread



We don’t need those LME WANKERS that have gone to the pub together to compare staplers, do we pals?


I fancied a curry. I’m getting a curry.


Good work on the curry.

Wor Lass will be going to bed in a bit so I’ll drink some booze and play Fallout.


Chicken Katsu Curry for me again. Got a mandarin and pink grapefruit cider too and a bag of mini eggs :+1:


Also, I have one stapler in my house.

This is now the stationery thread.


I might drink some booze and play Mass Effect.


Or any of the Glasgowers at the 6 music thing.

Gonna drink some beers. Watch some tv.

Unsure whether to make pasta or order a pizza.


I went out for a burrito. Now in the pub with a load of bores :sleeping:


Sluice of the day: Tall Sluice

^dude, does this guy know how to party or what?


I like that a bunch of Disers have met up in real life and are just posting on Dis anyway.


I was about to have a go at eric for this, but you got there first. G’wan.


Hello DiS. I am drinking a Magic Rock Salty Kiss beer, listening to Destroyer and waiting until I can go to the pub to watch the Ireland game with two of my ATDs that I haven’t seen together since the summer of last year.

Also, I may have finished an album with a friend during the week.



Getting Dominos :smiley: :pizza: :dollar:


Im on liveblog duty


Aw I came so close to getting Dominos at lunch and dinner but I had food in the fridge. What are you going for?


I’m probably going to head to gym again. I need to improve my fitness.

I was tempted my the LME meet (must stop it autocorrecting to Lame).

But I’d be socially awkward and it’s a trek into London.


Can you ask the pub if Amanda’s got there yet? Surname Hugnkiss.


Make sure you keep an eye out for Mike Rotch too.

Hilarious poster.


And that guy… Surname Butts? First name Seymour.


Hugh Jass too!


Eating some food then off to the pub for the Ireland match :soccer: :beers: