Friday evening thread

What’s your plans?
Sport and question time spesh for me
Bit of a tidy up too.

TVs got a bellend friend round for dinner. I’d forgotten this was happening. So taken myself for chips and curry sauce on the park. Listening to some athletico mince.

Lying in bed. Either on day two of a migraine or I’ve got a viral infection that’s affecting my ears/hearing/balance. Wouldn’t mind, I wasn’t doing anything tonight anyway, but I’m meant to be up at the crack of dawn to play in a big Netrunner tournament tomorrow and I can’t make it in this state.

So I’m going to lie very still and will myself better, because that’s how it works.

Sport, beer, QT for me @Matt_was_taken

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  1. :pizza:
  2. :beers:
  3. :zzz:

Get well soon :thermometer_face:

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Has everyone gone to bed already after staying up all night drinking through the election coverage?

Had a bit of a shite day.
Broke it off with the tv last night, it’s been coming for a couple of months but was a total shock to her and she was super upset as am I.
Burst out greetin this afternoon for the first time in ages. :frowning:
Now back home staying at the folks for few nights so she can stay in the flat while she sorts another flat out.
Breaking up is shit :frowning:

Think they’re all sat by themselves in pubs…

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Aw man, sorry to hear that :frowning:


alright? I got a weird package through the post

wtf is this?

omg japanese kitkats! thank you @Matt_was_taken completely forgot about these :blush:



ah bummer man

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think i’m going to go and stalk @Unlucky at kathryn joseph (if there’s still tickets at the door)

catch yous later

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Aw I am so sorry :frowning: hope you’re okay Xx


Haha now we all know where you live

japes towers


I’m alright Witches, just a wee bit sad. She’s a fucking great girl but we’re not meant to be.

I’m feeling down, partly because of tiredness. I finally actually talked to that woman I have the idiotically massive crush on (I was meeting some friends, they mentioned she was hanging around, my heart started doing blastbeats): I think we got on pretty well - I was stupidly happy for a while afterwards - but now I’m fixating on whether I exaggerated it all in my head (she probably thinks I’m annoying and try-hard jokey or something, which would probably be justified) and whether I’m even going to get the chance to speak to her again anytime soon or ever anyway.

Hoping I’ll sleep well tonight and feel better in the morning. Theresa May isn’t helping much, either.

Drinking some nice beers and making risotto. Might call round to my mates for beers later but not sure if I’m bothered