Friday Evening Thread

for Japes

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Friday bangerz in here now please:

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just waiting on the bike LADS getting in. going for one (1) beer before an early start tomorrow.


haha cwbaft


Off to a verdant tap takeover at north bar, maybe call in at beavertown one at turks head.

Though also have an early start to get back to Glasgow. So will be trying to have small quantities of top quality ale.

I’m fuckjng shattered

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Found out I passed my accreditation exam this afternoon, dead happy but I need to finish this fuck-off massive project before I can crack open something cold and fizzy


:frowning: feel better soon!

I’m lucky that I photograph alright from a certain angle, it’s a pity real life is 3d though

alright professer kellogs!

I might reinstall Hearthstone…this is a very bad idea.

well done! What does accreditation mean?

Thought my train was at 8am but checked and it is at 10. Small result there.

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Trying to get out to this charity show at the diy space but I’m so fucking depressssssed this is so boring

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Great photo!

sorry I’m bad at complimenting women…not really sure how to not sound like a creep.

Just means I get letters after my name that look impressive to people I want to give me work but mean nothing to the vast majority of people. Also means I’m treating myself to a greasy takeaway tonight :hamburger:

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Edit: it’s fucking raining

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Oh well done! I’m sure you thoroughly deserve it. Another smart cookie in the DiS biscuit tin.

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Thanks Bam x

you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

What’s the takeaway of choice? I have some snickers in the fridge. Party time

realised I was wearing my hair the wrong way in 2012. game changer.

went from this unruly mop


to this extremely stylish quiff


ah I’m not a fan of my nose, it’s too big really and not in the good kind of way. Unfortunately it’s one of those body parts you can’t do much about, working out or losing weight won’t help there really