Friday evening thread



Hi y’all

what’s up?

I’m all alone and I basically (still) have no real pals here, so Friday evening on my own, woo.

Talk to me?


Feeling a bit sad. Gonna drink a couple beers and go to bed.


Seeing The House That Screamed at The BFI. An old horror film with two small wine bottles that I’ll sneak in. A very good Friday night for me.


Evening all.

My mum has decided she wants to have a birthday breakfast in Manchester tomorrow, so need to wrap her present this evening and be compus mentis earlyish tomorrow.


what’s up bro? let’s hang out together. i would love to get drunk but i’m really not supposed to. maybe i should anyway?


What had the BMI done to upset the house?


that sounds like fun. are you going alone or with pals?


birthdays and breakfasts are two great things, sounds like your mum is a great lady.


feeling loads of love and warmth from this community this week.

I wonder what I could achieve with the right level of confidence. Sky’s the limit :slight_smile:


Laying in bed watching this week’s episode of the deuce. No idea what to have for tea


:'D i enjoyed this.


hey bammers, glad to hear you’e in good spirits! any concrete plans? how’s the music going?


Good evening GP - where bouts you living now?

I’m about to go out for Thai/Malaysian food then drinks but won’t be a big one as I’ve got hockey in the am.

@Witches I saw the perfect car for you today, then had a weird flashback that I’d seen it before and posted it on here so now I’m panicking that my memories going. Anyway:


Nope. I’ve no friends. Just me alone. Films alone at the cinema with wine is my perfect “alone night out”. Especially old horror.


i had lentils and pasta if that helps. you should probably have a pizza though, i mean, it’s friday.




just going to do some more doodling on paint this evening and listen to some music I think.

Yeah music’s good, another album done, should think about a new project soon. It’s good for my wellbeing to stay creative it turns out.

How are you feeling tonight? Happy I hope? :slight_smile:


Pizza tomorrow after I stumble in from the pub early evening. Might make leftover pasta stuff, but had it yesterday so…no idea


Was tempted to do the whole ‘hun’ thing but then thought you might not know the meme and think I’m a fucking weirdo.


i used to go to the cinema by myself all the time, idk why i stopped. i kinda fell out of the loop of knowing what was on and stuff, i guess. still sounds like a solidly fun evening though, enjoy!