Friday Evening Thread


Fuck the haterz, it’s evening here and it’s dark, so it’s deffo not too early to start this.

What’s going on? Good week? Weekend plans? I have a mug of wine and a bowl of fancy crisps. Going to peak too early, I already know it.

Anyone got any good bonfire night plans? I always miss this living abroad and i love fireworks so :frowning:



Dunno. Fireworks? Probably stay in and deal with the dog and rabbits shitting themselves silly.

Still no weekend football thread


Evening @ghostpony!

We’re going to the fireworks tonight. It’s all about the preparation: warm socks, wellies, not standing around for too long. Might be having wine / port at ours afterwards but it depends how flaky our friends are.

Tomorrow we’re having an IKEA party: three or four friends are coming over to put together IKEA furniture for the girls’ bedrooms. I’m cooking them pizza as a reward.



wish i had a dog and rabbit. pics plz?

i miss the summer. it’s gonna be a long winter.


hey up…home from school early for once. Wine in the fridge, pizza in the freezer - oetker obvs.

got the bake off final to watch in a bit, know the result as it was however long ago but that’s OK, then might get kids to bed so we can start Stranger Things 2…

Going to fireworks tomorrow, already got my sparklers, love going out all wrapped up to stand by the bonfire and see the whizzers.

Pretty sure i will be asleep by half ten.



aw man that sounds perfect. maybe a baked potato or some roasted chestnuts???

i would totally come over and put together ikea furniture if someone made me pizza. what kind of pizza? homemade? dr. oetker?


what’s your fourth friend up to?



ooft, time to leave work then




Haha, corrected now :slight_smile:


Hey ghostpony,
I’m about to have my first drink in 5 days and salivating at the prospect :grinning:
Pretty low key weekend ahead as every weekend after this I’ve got stuff in till pretty much new year.
I’m golfing tomorrow, probably in the pissing rain :grinning:


hiya! oetker4lyfe right?


Oh might go with my nephews and see the fireworks, they’ll go fucking tonto for the fireworks :grinning:


Ah yeah I think we’ll be eating our dinner beforehand with the girls but yeah, need to get the wintery snacks in!

I’m making homemade pizza :slight_smile:


Hey there ghostpony and everyone else!

Finished work in a few minutes, then it’s the bus home where I’ll have a shower, finish a review and then I’ll meet the TV for drinks. It was her birthday on Wednesday but she was away on holiday with her Mam so I’m looking forward to seeing her tonight!

My other weekend plans involve practicing with one of my bands, doing loads of writing and also my final invoices before I quit doing my freelancer second job.


(fourth friend… etc)


hey lopes, what’s up?

what’s your drink gonna be? you know because of my medication i don’t drink that much anymore/only drink at home under safe special circumstances. it sucks but i know how you feel right now.


We have one dog, two rabbits, two ducks and eleven hens! I’ll see what I can rustle up from the archives!
:dog2: :duck: :duck: :rabbit2: :rabbit2: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster: :rooster:


nice! yeah invoicing as a freelancer sucks, i wish i had a PA to do this for me.

have a nice bus ride! got any good tunes for it?