Friday Evening Thread


Shall we have a Friday evening thread? Here’s a Friday evening thread…

Hello there
I’m alone, listening to a bit of Childish Gambino and wondering what to cook.
How are your weekends shaping up?


@kallgeese :rice: :rice: :rice:


evening Acceptance and Jeremy!

I picked up the guitar today for the first time in ages


200 Chinese teenagers staying in the holiday apartment next door tonight. That’ll be me getting no sleep then.


I hope this is an accurate figure and you counted them all in.


I saw Paul Simon at the Royal Albert Hall last year. He’s in his seventies but did a three-hour set that ended with a solo version of Sound of Silence. There wasn’t a sound anywhere apart from him - gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
Next day was the presidential election…


Evening lad! Lovely cover here boss :ok_hand:


Hungover in bed wearing my new coat. i am toasty.


Got nothing to add.


No, I’m exaggerating. It’s more like 50.


This is a big letdown after earlier!


I still hope you counted them all in :slight_smile:


Early Katie Melua lyric needed work.


Just (caramelized onion and) jeera things


Evening AceIII. Tonight I’ll be having chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and coated with breadcrumbs. Hockey and other exercise tomorrow and Sunday.

Just discovered that the Vue cinema that’s a five minute walk from my house does £3.99 tickets on a Monday night. Very glad that I found this out after my odeon card expired.


Standing outside Rough Trade. Getting a bit cold.


Go! Team?


This sounds a bit dodge:




What up, my name is Colin and I’m a Taurus(?)