Friday evening thread



What’s occurring?

I’ve got a big bag o’ dickhead beers and some Thai food on the way.


i have a beer in the fridge but i’m not sure i want it? not sure what’s going on. might have pizza though


Feeling sick. Kinda want junk food, but it’s going to have to be fish stew as the fish is already defrosted. :frowning:


On my way to Utrecht to do some stand up. Utrecht, iTrecht, WeAllTrecht*

*Not actually part of set but secretly wish it was.


Have also updated my Facebook comedian page to put Eric’s photoswap of me and a cat in a racing car as its cover photo.


Just got back from seeing Phantom Thread. Will post in the thread when I work out what the hottest take will be.

Pretty tired.

Also, have beer in the fridge but going to a beer festival tomorrow and don’t want to get beer fatigue. Managed to resist walking to the pub on the way home.

Dunno whether to cook veg haggis or just have left over stir fry.


I use variations of this joke wherever possible. I may have already done the Utrecht version of it, possibly more than once.

GL with the stand up.


GL! Looking forward to hearing about it on Sunday :slight_smile:


Pickled onion monster munch and a mars choc brownie bar for dinner then back to moving, running out of time, insurmountable amount left to do


Couldn’t be bothered to cook so the tv ordered us food <3

Going to the cinema later. Yaaaaay.

Kind of craving something sweet, don’t have anything sweet. Booooooo.


Really ill lads


Doing some washing up, drinking some beer from the local brewery and loving the Hookworms album. Gonna start sorting bubble and squeak with bacon and eggs for dinner afterwards.



feel better soon jordan!


I’ll try me best xx


Had chicken pie cooked by the mother - noticed the box had a use by date of 28 Jan :nauseated_face: but didn’t say anything as I thought I might get it thrown at me.


Going to read (on my second book since yesterday, read one about Raoul Moat and just started The Blinds - It’s good being isolated with shit internet and no TV). Had a big pub lunch so I wouldn’t have to eat dinner so will top up with cups of tea or something instead then have an early night.


ok i’m having a beer now. curry for tea woo


Thought we were having no beer club tonight?


oh, erm, this is awkward


Could it have been the case that she had frozen it before it went out of date?