Friday evening thread


Hi y’all

Friday evening is upon us, whatchy’all up to? I got back from work early so I’ve already had dinner. Might eat some ice cream and laze about watching stuff as the tv doesn’t want to go out.

Saw one of my colleagues eat a sandwich with a spoon today. Buh?


Gonna apply for a new job with a deadline of Sunday due to minor irkage at my current one, haven’t done this for 6 years


The three Bs for me. Beer, burritos and bed.


Good luck!


At Rough Trade East waiting for Hookworms to come on stage.


Doing some lovely research into brexit. going to play fortnite, drink fosters, eat some chickpeas and beddybies


Hello! This has been a shit week and I’m glad it’s over. Off to see some theatre tonight. Had also planned to submit an application for a job that’s deadline is on Sunday but am now thinking there’s little point if @ttf is going to beat me to it.


You ain’t no Muslim bruv


In Byron after test driving prams. Going home via the wanky beer shop

Just picked this up, so looking forward to cracking into that. On the late tomorrow, so can stay and have some beer


Very early for my train to Brussels so I bought some books. The bookseller commented on my choice “very saucy!”

Now I am waiting to board and eating a croissant i got given on the house cause I asked if it was gonna be stale and the barrista said yes.


booksellers are all perverts


I am putting together a list of meine Lieblingslieder auf Deutsch. It is a Rammstein free zone.


It was Gravy, Jus and Coulis: An Advanced Guide


“you ready to go?”


sound of hairdryer starting


tbf it was dh lawrence and this croissant is pretty fuckig stale


:smiley: ooh that IS a bit saucy in the classic sense yes


Watching Altered Bracon and deciding what to put into my vegetable noodle broth thing. Lettuce will be nice I think.


Feel prettttttty horrendous. Going to get smashed and listen to LPs for the evening.


Second beer in, considering which record to stick on and not sure what to have for dinner. Evenin’ DiS :wave:


think you need to take @elthamsmateowen and @imaperv under your wing