Friday Evening Thread

Hi there, how are you? what are you up to tonight?

I’m going to eat a pizza. exciting.

my flatmate rented the Last of Us so might start that later, other than that I’m doing nothing.

Cooking burger and chips for dinner.


evening nr. i had my katsu tofe thing, it was good. i just went to the kitchen and made a coffee and got myself a can of coke and people are laughing at me. why on earth am i working on a friday night? i just got told off for doing something ‘wrong’ on weds when i’d done it exactly as asked. i’m too old for this shit, man. i should be in the pub.

I’m at the cinema about to watch Isle of Dogs. Might go for a cheeky Nando’s after.


Sausage and mash for dinner.
Working on some music now.
Prolly watch some 'flix with the TV later.

jeez, why were they laughing at you?

apparently drinking a coke and a coffee is excessive caffeine intake. who knew!

gotta have something to get you through this evening.

i appreciate your support in this matter


This is what I thought and hoped I would be doing bar the cheeky nandos!


Hope you have a good one S_S_H!!

what are you doing instead? just going for the cheeky nandos?

Catching upon MasterChef and had some pasta pesto with LindaMc shredded chicken bits. Made the misery levels less heavy…

Also got a g and t on the go…:cocktail:

As it’s Friday night I’m gonna treat myself to a nice long soak in the bath :slight_smile:

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Heyyyy DiS!

Bit merry and trying to make my mind up on this evening’s meal / movie :thinking:


you seen zulawski’s cosmos, n_r?

Not a cheeky Nando’s in sight, I’m afraid ! Dinner in seems likely (pasta probably), what to watch seems to be the only questionable aspect of the evening!

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yeah, I liked it overall and I think it’s probably worth a look. but it’s got a lot of weird, quite baffling decisions that I couldn’t work out were good or if they worked at all. he was a pretty odd filmmaker.

definitely made me want to read the book

Drinking an IPA (beer wanker and etc) and listening to Sampha

the tv says that posession was the worst film she’s ever seen but going to have to try to find a time to watch it when she’s out, heh.

I’m trying to fix a problem on one of our analysers at work. I finish at 8pm. Hopefully, I’ll fix it and then off to The Shacklewell Arms for a Death and Vanilla gig. Have a great evening everyone here.