Friday Evening Thread



Maybe it’s extra bread like Ross from friends’s turkey sandwich


Hang on, the turkey melt is the only one that doesn’t have turkey in it :thinking:

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Pairs well with the Rachel on there.

I did. Also:

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I’ve had a bad stomach all week and I’ve been getting stabbing pains in my right side today. If I don’t post again, it was appendicitis that got me.


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update: had a 6/10 cuban sandwich.

What was in it cigars?

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Just learnt those tartan hats with ginger hair attached are called ‘see you jimmy’ hats.

Everyday a schoolday eh

I once owned one of those.

A pal just said if i wore one on my walk he would donate an extra tenner. Not happening.

What walk?

Charity walk from Glasgow to Balloch, towards the end of April.

Throw in a kilt and I’ll sponsor you a tenner too

Haha its supposed to be a kiltwalk anyway… but I’m not wearing one.

Going bottomless then?

Omg you might as well turn up wrapped in a St. George’s Cross


How much would you need to be sponsored to wear a kilt for it? (in this scenario a kilt of your choosing is also purchased on your behalf)

i have acquired snacks