Friday Evening Thread

Goodest eveningest!! What you got going on? Food? Drink? Etc…

I fucking love this song -


Evenin’ witches.

Just made battered halloumi (10/10) and potato wedges (6/10). Get the boy to bed soon then watch a film. Any Netflix reccomendations that aren’t horrors??


just playing hearthstone like a weenie

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Nope :smiley:


I remembered I love this song today:

Hopefully completing my e-marking training tonight so I can start my marking properly on Sunday.


Mark e smith e marking

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Waiting for the washing to finish. Might go to the pub after that.

currently trying to eat a runny curry and chepatis without spilling it. it’s not going well. if it’s possible to spill something, I’ll immediately throw it everywhere.

watching silicon valley series 5. that’s all I’ve got going

Evening witches & co

Tea was SFPP. Felt miserable and tired all day and to top it off I hit my head very hard (it hurts).

On the positive side though, today was an excellent post day with both my new headphones and a small stack of picture books arriving :slight_smile:

:grinning: thought not!
Anyone else?

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What did ya get? Need to have a clear out of j’s picture books soon :frowning_face:

Great song @Witches . ‘The Reverend’ is an absolute legend

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It’s reyt warm tonight.

Having pizza at the pub


Got our own copies of The Day the Crayons Quit and Please Mr Panda because we have to keep getting them on inter-library loans where our local one doesn’t have copies and R loves them. A set of Oliver Jeffers’ four boy and penguin books, and also Little Miss Tiny because she appeared in one of R’s other Mr Men books and he keeps asking for it.

I would have trouble clearing out R’s books, I love some of them as much/more than he does.

Nice! My wife and son met oliver j a little while ago: big gutted i missed out! He was a lovely guy apparently.

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I’m in Newcastle airport waiting to go to Gdansk for a BIG stag do. Flying on my own and staying on my own so I can dip in and out depending on how awful things get.

Once this is out of the way I’m flying to Naples or Florence on Monday which will be much nicer and won’t involve 30+ drunk British men.

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Hi pn! Hi pm!

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:open_mouth: well jealous, he is my favourite.

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Evening folks! Looks like I’m going to be a beer, wine and spirits buyer! Just had a couple of pints with the tv and my dad, now he’s making shepherds pie for tea. A good day.