Friday Evening Thread


Evening folks! Looks like I’m going to be a beer, wine and spirits buyer! Just had a couple of pints with the tv and my dad, now he’s making shepherds pie for tea. A good day.


I am also a beer, wine and spirit buyer.


Oh! Wait!



Hello The Warnio! :wave:



Now I’ve got this is my head


Evenin’ DiS :wave:

Been off work today so went for a walk round a sculpture trail. Can’t deal with all this humidity though so just chilling this evening. Got quorn meatballs and pasta for dins then gonna continue with the fifth season of Arrested Development.

Also I gave YE a listen earlier :no_mouth:


last weekend i packed 8 boxes of books in preparation for my move. today i decided that wasn’t enough and i accidentally bought some more books.

just had a long and very lovely phone call and now i’m going to go to the shop and decide what to do for dinner :grimacing:


just eating a humbug, king of mints


You are wrong. Mint creams are!


Eight boxes, nine boxes… not much of a difference is it?

Also like the idea of you buying more books being genuinely an accident, like you were haplessly swept into a bookshop by a large crowd and without realising it ended up at a till with an armful of books and it then being too late to back out.


Evening all

Finally got to our hotel in Ohio. Ironed all my dresses for the weekend. Now just chilling out until the evening when the festivities kick off. Really need to take a shower, haven’t had one since Europe/Wednesday night. Looking forward to it so much. OMG I might even take a bath.


never had one mate, is this another fabulous scottish treat?


baths are the best, you should have a bath!


I’m hanging with m9s in our garden drinking beer and eating pizza. Life is good.


you know, fl, that’s exactly what happened!

well, either that or exceptionally poor impulse control on my part…

dinner update (fao: @Flashinglight): goodfellas misery pizza (meat feast) with salad



why have so many people changed their pictures to football men


because the world cup?


Just about to watch network. Somehow never seen it before.