Friday Evening Thread


Friday evening is here!!! Woohoo!!!

I am supposed to go to my colleague’s housewarming party but I can’t really be bothered. Let’s face it, I’m so antisocial I’m probably not gonna go, even though I should as I rarely get invited anywhere.

What have you got planned? Getting ready to win the staying in all weekend thread? SFPP? (I had a salad and walked home from work because I am trying (again) to lose some weight. Sorry y’all.)


good evening ghostpony
good evening japes


good eve gp

you should go to the party! I’m sitting in a cafe trying to figure out what I should pick up for dinner on the way home. I’m sure inspiration will strike soon enough.


I guess I should. I could pick out a nice outfit and do my hair and make up too i guess.

SFPP for dinner, no?




SFPP completed.

Trying to relax in the spare room playing the Switch but all I can hear is the noisy cunt neighbours out in the garden.


fraid not, I am also on the diet.


oh man i feel for you bro

have a tasty salad.

idk what drinks to take to this party as i don’t particularly want to drink. gonna pick up some rose for the hosts, is it completely trashy to show up with some cans of radlers?


if that’s trashy I don’t wanna be classy


Also, tickets for the LAST EVER :sob: official UK National Netrunner Championship go on sale later and there’s a good chance they’ll sell out, so I’ve set up a highly sophisticated technological solution to make sure I get one.


Alright? Pie n mash fer dindins. Then probs watch the :soccer: then got some chores to do. V cool Friday I think you’ll agree :sunglasses:


At the ballet. In East Grinstead (the recognised international capital of ballet). It’s going to be a long night.


Lucky fucker.


Was up half the night worried about nothing and imagining being fired. Then had a very reassuring day at work in which my line manager described me as scarily efficient. Think my job might be very good for me.

Tonight I’m gonna eat junk food


En route to Mauritian m9’s house for Mauritian scran. Hopefully the footy is mince so I won’t miss much.


Still at work




What I obviously mean is vamos España!


Also found out most people in my organization are queer and everyone is left wing and nice and cool.


gonna listen to @colossalhorse’s new record in the bath this evening! Very much looking forward to that