Friday Evening Thread


It’s Friday evening! What have y’all got planned? SFPP?

I just ate my halloumi salad on the roof but my annoying neighbours are up there bbqing so I came back inside. Already been for a long walk. Could take myself for ice cream but that seems a bit sad. Do have ice cream in the freezer as well. So I might use this beautiful evening to watch a film… any recs?

Weekend plans?


Feedin’ some cows


very pretty eyes


What are the cows having for dinner?




tin of tuna and a pack of cadburys roundies


boom boom boom
let me hear you say
HOSEPIPE BAN!! :scream: :non-potable_water:

hi ghostpony and etc. some heat though eh?


i went to see a farmer earlier. this man, who i have known for most of my life, always wears a railway style cap. always. i had literally never seen him without a cap on his head.

today he wasn’t wearing a cap. that’s how warm it is.


Had vegan pizza for lunch then mascrpone ice cream . Now having ice tea and jian Bing for dinner. Then a comedy thing.


28 is pretty perfect weather. when it gets over 32 i get a bit cranky. at least you can still walk around and do stuff and go to work when it’s 28.


making some fake mexican thing with some ‘stand ‘n’ stuff’ tortillas. really pointless invention

got no plans obviously


What’s SFPP again? Feel like I asked this about three days ago


isthat the queer comedy thing or whatever you posted about before?


standard friday pizza protocol (i think - it’s something about pizza and fridays anyway)

there are so many acronyms on here these days


aren’t these just tacos??


Havin’ a drink, goin to feed the calves and then back again


basically but they are a boat shape which makes no sense and doesn’t provide any additional structural integrity

wouldn’t recommend them

they look like this


how you gonna eat that?




same as any taco or fajita I guess - take one bite and then watch all the contents fall out


i usually eat my tacos with a knife and fork these days (don’t @ me)