Friday Evening Thread


Had a salad. Wish I’d had pizza :pizza: haven’t had pizza in about 2 weeks now.

Planning on staying up late and reading as the tv is still working. If I can drag him out for a game of scrabble that would be grand.



I’m at work still :slightly_frowning_face:


My mum is staying. So I’m at work tonight. Hahaha wife.


About to pick up Chinese takeaway before crashing in front of Taskmaster with a very tired TV.




At our caravan by the sea. A deep fog has descended on the village, a toxic remnant of trump’s visit probably.


Me too. I actually am this time


Just bought some beers for my GF. She’s ordering Chinese takeaway now and then we’ll crash out and play GTAV. Very excited to show her my new glasses.


Epimer’s memoir?


for about 2 months i’ve been absolutely hammering the booze and just generally socialising too much

today i said no to beers after work, came home and i’m chilling the fuck out



Feels nice to do that after an extended period of gatting. Godspeed wiggy.


I wondered what that foul smell was!


sound like the perfect evening




Hi m3s

Just heading home. Gon make salmon burgers. Then just chill


It just about is Bam. We’ll listen to some music, she’ll play the missions and I’ll take over for the hard driving or flying bits. We’ve got it down. Going to listen to Miniature Epiphanies while playing!



big bag of cider and pretending be j mascis until my strings fall off is the order of the day.



This is tasty


Just been handed a bowl of sea salt and balsamic vinegar crisps. After today’s crisp thread I feel like I’m being trolled.