Friday evening thread


Ffs @ghostpony @Witches @meths


Stuck on an easyJet plane. Already delayed an hour, now we’ve gotta sit on the tarmac for another hour. Fuck knows why, I’m gonna say the heat. It’s a 40 min flight ffs!!!

Haven’t even had dinner so can’t post about SFPP.

At least I have a decent book, thanks @noise_ramones


I’m eating sweeties :slight_smile:


did you get @Epimer boarding?


Off to some works do with an ATD who has invited himself along.
Then some gallery shindig in merchant city.
Then who knows…


:pizza:, maybe a :beer: or :beers:, new season of Orange is the New Black.


Idk what this means


I’m having a nice refreshing Guinness.


What kind??


Waiting to see a doctor, when what I want to be doing is stuffing my face with Chinese food and drinking all the red wine.


Because I’m such an extremely important business person in the world of business I INSIST on easyJet speedy boarding whenever I’m on any of my extremely important business trips.


Lemon Sherbets I think they are called


Or it’s automatically included with my ticket, idk.


just wanted to use the word sweeties


boarding the plane first so you can sneer at people boarding after you


Makeshift bbqing. Mint magnum to follow.


Lazy night in with the in laws writing sql on the sofa while they watch tv. My main team member handed in their notice today at work (no qualms with it and not my fault) but it’s going to make my life very difficult.

Edit:This reads well defensive eh?


Oh yeah because you sit up front, right?? I did that when I moved out to AMS because it was included with the extra bag I bought or something.

@profk can confirm I did not get @Epimer boarding. I am in lowly row 18. Can’t remember the last time I sat this far back on a plane.


Good choice. Worthy of the word sweetie in my opinion.


I guess so? The administrators book my travel for me, I just go with it.