Friday Evening Thread

Happy Friday Evening everyone

Tell us about you :pizza: and :cocktail: plans. Would anyone like to recommend me a really good book to download for my holibobs?

@japes FYI it’s a bank holiday on Monday


Gonna have a shower as it was fucking boiling on the way home.

Eating: halloumi salad when my parents arrive.

Drinking: probably just water, sorry :tada:

Just bought two of my favourite albums of all time on LP.

Turns out I’m playing guitar for all of Land Crabs’ set tonight. I don’t know the songs. Better listen to this so.


On the Beach is one of the most underrated records of all time. Not a huge Neil Young fan but it’s the most instant of his records that i’ve heard.


It’s an amazing record, and one that often fails to come up when people mention him. Interesting that you’d think it’s the most instant of his works, many would dismiss it as too difficult.

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Seconding the Vonnegut recommendations here. I read almost all of his books by bringing one per holiday for years. Loved ‘Cat’s Cradle’. Would recommend ‘Galapagos’ if you’re in for something weird.

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Assume I’ve read pretty much nothing fiction wise for quite a long time.

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I’ve made thai curry sorry and drink a dead pony club my flat mate left.

Going to head to that free gig at George Sq.

What kind of books you like @laelfy? Cannery Row by John Steinbeck is one of my faves. Nice easy read.

It was the first of his that I ‘got’, previously I just couldn’t get into young at all, and have never looked back.

I really liked ‘a spot of bother’ by Mark Haddon as something really accessible but also emotionally resonant.


Well normally I like non-fiction books where people are going on some kind of physical and metaphorical journey, but thewarn did a thread on that the other week. So recommendations for fiction that is not too dark or science fictiony but is more challenging than the average chick lit would be welcome.

o rly?

I’m just about to head out camping. gonna climb some hillz tomorrow.


Made a yummy loaf. About to eat pasta.

I think that’s part because it wasn’t available for about twenty years.

Absolutely love that record, anyway. Proper gut punches, all the way through.

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Having chicken kievs and gonna drink some gin and beer!

Feeling quite excited about this weekend, there’s a few fun things happening :blush: for now I’m excited about the beer I’m about to have.

Ah shit, I forgot to put it in the fridge.


They were all mortal on some sort of homemade medicine during recording which they called Honey Slides, which i’m assuming was where the title to the Youthmovies and Adam Gnade EP came from. Bloody love the title track to that, just listened for the first time in years…



The TV is cooking salmon and I’m drinking a beer. Trying to decide whether to go out or not after dinner.

I had a good week at work and I also have loads of time off booked this month, in fact I’m only working seven more days in August.

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What is this amateur hour?

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what a pair of HUGE BANGERS!

My favourite two Neil Young records right there <3