Friday Evening Thread


Made mac n cheese because I am on a low carb diet (as of tomorrow, we had nothing else in and I couldn’t be bothered going to the store).

Listening to some music. Not sure what’s in store.



Working :sleeping::sleeping::slightly_frowning_face:


Hi GP! Love mac and cheese.

Shaken off my hangover. Mostly packed. Moving in with the TV tomorrow!! Finishing off the last of my food which means I think I am having banana pancakes for tea :+1:



when do you finish?


banana pancakes are great though, throw some maple syrup on and you’re laughing.

good luck for the move!


9.00 Back home for 10


Hey hey hey. Back home and totally knackered despite having just had a big nap.

Need to get dressed and go the the supermarket for essentials - pizza and bread basically but really really cba.

Had an excellent holiday so that’s good, and got upgraded into first / upper class on way home… champagne and legroom bonus!!


ew gross

sorry about that pal :frowning:


glad to hear you had such a good trip and survived the plane journey! :slight_smile:


On the plane? I didn’t think that really happened! How awesome!


Hi gp and everyone
I am currently at Brussels station waiting to board the final Eurostar home after having a few days in the Netherlands.


this happens to my tv a lot, as he flies so much he has status. so he gets upgraded and i… sometimes get upgraded. it’s super fun.


nothing going on here


can’t believe i didn’t get to see you but i’m glad things turned out well! :slight_smile:


Just ordered Chinese food. Having some pals round to chill.


Yes!! We had booked the last row of seats as we like being at the back all in a row but for some reason they were out of operation, no other spare four in a row so up to the fancy seats we go. Probably the one and only time it’ll happen.


smash bros time?


Just watching Pirates of the Caribbean with the little people. Haven’t worked out what to do for tea yet.

Tomorrow I’m taking my Mam to a provincial theatre production of An Officer and a Gentleman - in musical format. It should be, erm, interesting, maybe.




you still in the uk?