Friday Evening Thread




I’ll be spending a couple of days in Amsterdam at the end of the month! And I imagine I’ll be back and forth a lot over the next few years. I’m looking into PhDs in the Netherlands also!


Oh wow that’s so awesome!


Yusssss!!! Let me know when!


I will for sure!


has there been a ‘profk is back it town’ dis meat I missed?


Nah. I’m too poor for more London trips now :frowning:


There was gonna be one in gtroit, but @profk had more pressing engagements, plus, who’d really wanna meet me

Hope you had a good meal prof


Nice edit.


Thank Christ for the edit function. I’d be buggered without it.






absolutely not!


I had a really mundane question I meant to ask a DiSer today, but I can’t remember who or what it was about

this is the most boring post in the world but maybe typing it will help jog my memory


Much easier day than yesterday here, thankfully.

Really exhausted though. Did standard SFPP protocol, as per. Not sure what to do for the rest of the evening as there aren’t really any good options.


Gosh I totally forgot it was SFPP day

Eaten pizza a lot since last Friday though


Channel 4 News are doing a very long feature right now about the National Youth Theatre’s latest performance art thingy about our obsession with social media. i’ve had to mute it as it was making me cringe very very hard.


Was gonna go straight from work to a fancy hotel restaurant but the people I was supposed to meet went way over their studio time so instead I am now standing in my local pizza place waiting for a calzone and I’m gonna go home, eat pizza, watch Premier League football & drink beer - a decent plan B


Trying to co-ordinate going for beers. CBA, might just stay in and watch Parts Unknown


Solid back up plan

(I’ve almost finished working my way though them on Netflix now).