Friday Evening Thread


Just got home. My MP’s written to me to welcome me to her constituency, which would be nice, except I’ve been a constituent for 8 years or so and I’ve written to her 3 times (she even deigned to reply once!)

She’s also rebranded over the last 6 months from Tory blue to a nice independent shade of sage green.


Did some house tidying tonight. Still pretty full from lunch so not sure what dinner is likely to look like - maybe pakora.

Got football on but my interest in the prem has massively decreased in the last few years - silly money, boring games and the fact I don’t have any allegiance to any of the teams have all had an impact.

Got a big day/night out tomorrow so looking forward to that.


SFPP - artichoke pizza


Is it:

  1. As big as it looks? (which is massive)
  2. As tasty as it looks? (which is very)


Are they measuring that in feet rather than inches?

  1. it’s massive, I only had a quarter of a slice which was more than enough

  2. it was delicious



BBR (big bike ride) tomorrow so taking it EZ tonight. Had dinner, had an ice cream, now got some tea and athletics. Being picked up at 4.15am so need to go to bed early :sleeping:


Pizzas we had in Margate the other week were measured in feet, but they stretched out to be longer rather than staying round with a massive diameter, disappointingly.


made this absolutely delicious roasted carrot thing and watching nanette


I kind of feel that a 2ft pizza is worth the novelty regardless of shape though.


They went up to 3ft!


Gotta finish taking notes on this chapter whilst mrs stack has a pre-dinner nap and little poppet wriggles herself to sleep in her big girl bed.

CBA M&S pizza thing tonight, actually looking forward to it a fair bit. Might try and convince mrs stack to watch the raid with me.

Fucking hell advanced OSPF is advanced.


I made the mistake of watching Nanette when I was feeling fragile as I’d heard it was good and I thought some comedy would make me feel better. Haven’t cried like that in months. Enjoy!


Waiting at the airport to board my flight to new NYC the city. Gonna eat a big lox and cream cheese bagel and burgers and other stuff once there.


Driving to Devon tomorrow for a week’s holiday with my family. It’s gonna take about 8 hours as we have to make a couple of stops on the way for various reasons. My cousin’s coming which is cool, we got on as kids but I didn’t speak Spanish and she didn’t speak English so we were pretty limited by that. This’ll be only the second time we’ll have hung out and been able to speak the same language.

Been working my arse off this week to get a piece of work done before I go but I didn’t manage it so I’m just hoping my client doesn’t mind that it’s not gonna be ready until the end of the month.


Just woke up from a nap.

Supposed to be going to a party but struggling to get up.


Evening all,

Booked the day off work today thinking it would be less stressful than being there, but instead of it being a nice family day for the three of us we ended up spending the morning with our friend who had twins, so having to chase in three different directions, then being dragged to the in laws for the afternoon. Things looked on the up when we went to the pub for dinner, but then Jimbo spilt half his apple juice down my trousers.


@weeber, you’ve met me! Albeit briefly


I’m on holiday with my family in Ireland. I found a good way to make my baby nephew laugh but then he got bored of it. They love to burn Peat around here so everything smells of Peat. My mum says she’s going to buy some Peat for the fire at Christmas.


Too late I’m already eating all the stuff