Friday Evening Thread


Just remembered I need to by booze before 10pm in this nation.


We’ve got some kind of family plot/shrine/memorial tree or something planted here and it’s a few spots away from Bill and Hilary Clinton’s, except ours is in it’s own plot and the grass isn’t overgrown.


I was merely supporting @howtobealone ‘s expression of interest.

But yeah, it was very brief.


Can’t believe we didn’t coordinate NYCing better tbh.


Let’s make sure it’s not so brief next time then


just made a very nice banana thing. cut open a banana and put some chopped up some dark chocolate, ground almonds and cocoa inside it then closed it over and baked it.

was very very good

(made even better by being a free banana I took home from work so it didnt go bad over the weekend, and some really old dark chocolate I’ve had since Christmas and needed to use up)


Should the DiS girls weekend ever happen it should be in New York @Witches @meowington


Seafood, vino, all good


Spent the evening doing a bouncy castle obstacle course on the roof of a shopping centre and then we went out for dinner. Was a lot of fun, got a bit wet though because my arms were too weak to swing across the water pool on the rope so I went straight into the water. Workmate of mine suggested it, glad I said yes.


I swear you live in a BoJack Horseman reality sometimes


Sounds immense.


Was fun and surprisingly tiring.


Out to see a Weezer tribute band which feels like peak DiS.

Don’t even like Weezer that much but a pal was going. I’m here before him which is irksome.


I’m in Germany. Big fan of the word’s most simple tv remote, provided by the hotel.


Aesthetically pleasing but functionally dreadful.


Weirdly I go to loads of gigs on my own and I’m alright standing about by myself usually but when I’m going to a gig with somebody else and they’re late I get far more self conscious because everyone THINKS I’m here alone but I’M NOT, I’LL PROVE IT.


i’ve been making friends with a lovely big spider who has been living in my room for a few days. i just went to lift them out of the bath so i could run the water, but somewhere on the journey back through my bedroom, my spidery pal escaped somewhere and now i’m not sure where they’ve gone :frowning:

(spoilered for the benefit of any arachnophobes amongst you)

hope you’re ok, old friend :frowning:


The kitten is desperately trying to nibble my feet while I watch telly, haha. My toes are not food!


my new tinder bio


Just got back home from the Øya festival. Seen Trail of Dead, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chelsea Wolfe, and Lykke Li — as well as this Norwegian language pop rock band that my generation has just grown up with. I had never seen them live before so that was pretty awesome.

Despite it only being a 15 minute walk home I decided to get a taxi, for the second night in a row, because I was really tired and I got paid yesterday. Had a drunken chat with the driver because that’s a nice thing to do if you’re in the mood for it. And then just as we pulled up in front of my house he started asking me about whether I live alone and do I have boyfriend etc.

I got out of it without any serious discomfort but this kind of thing just pisses me off so much. People often times get a taxi rather than walking because they want to feel safe. And how fucking safe do you feel trapped in the back seat of someone’s car when they’re asking you about personal details of your life!? Not very!

For balance, my taxi driver last night actually managed to tell me it was nice chatting to me etc wihtout even getting close to being creepy. So like, it is actually possible.