Friday Evening Thread


where bouce in germany are you?


This post is a rollercoaster from start to finish


that’s shit :slightly_frowning_face:

festival sounded pretty fucking good though


Pretty standard experience for a drunken woman tbh

But yes had a good time! Charlotte Gainsboutg is so sweet, which is weird because I mainly associate her with Antichrist


Bingen am Rhein. It’s lovely.


damn, that’s a good looking couple


+New Tomberlin and Kathryn Joseph are great
+Those Del Monte 100% orange juice ice lollies are brilliant
+Got a beer or two

-Work until 9.15pm sucks
-There’s not much on the box


Went out for some cocktails, then some beers, then some Thai and then some beers and then some watching the godfather and then some


…DiS ?


Don’t you know it’s Profile Selfie Day?


Sometimes I worry that being too weird in the Expat group of my town on Facebook will alienate me from people, but I can’t think of a better way to find out.


Damn good looking couple


Goldie Lookin Chain?


Yes but no


Oh yeah I forgot to say, but I suspect I might have twisted my ankle whilst trying (and eventually succeeding, obvs) to get a taxi from just outside the festival grounds. Fun times!


~looks at photo~



vil du ha et blåmerke?




Nei takk :frowning:


Where bounce in Devon?