Friday Evening Thread


Near Kingsbridge in a village on the south coast. We were gonna get the train and get picked up from Totnes but the idea of being stuck without a car with my mum and four small children didn’t bear thinking about so we’re hiring a car.


I’m near Kingsbridge in a village on the south coast! Yeah you need a car down here to go and do pretty much anything! Weather’s supposed to get much better after the weekend down here, have you got much planned?


Nice! I reckon we’ll do a bit of walking, maybe do a kayaking afternoon one day. Taking Pandemic and Scrabble for when the kids are in bed and it’s pissing it down.


Sounds good. Let me know if you need any ideas/things to do etc, or if you’re in the Malborough/Salcombe vicinity, come and buy some booze and various tat off me!


Knackered and anxious



At the baseball, bloody hell this is dull. 30 minutes in and no one has made it to 1st base.


If you’re not feeling it, don’t feel obliged to stick around - when I went, people were leaving after about three innings.


I’ll give it an hour. Would just be nice to something happen.