Friday Evening Thread



Finished my book. Was excellent. Any recommendations for what’s next?

Had two (2) veggie sausages and two (2) boiled eggs and salad for dinner. Was a bit much.

Going out to the pub in a bit where I will refrain from drinking all alcohol. What should I drink instead?




don’t be nonsensical




should clarify that I barely drink these days anyway, but am pretty bored of diet coke, so wondering if anyone had any better suggestions.


finished my jury service today. it was a very interesting experience but also one that i found quite sobering and it’s left me feeling a bit conflicted and weird :confused:

(sorry, this is probably a bit heavy for what is otherwise a reasonably light-hearted thread about friday pizza and beers and such)


that’s more like it


I’ve been on the diet fantas recently which are very nice.


my go-to non bevvy drink is soda water & lime


Partial to soda water half, pineapple half and shit loads of ice


Tomato juice or ginger beer. Yummy yummy yum yum yummy.


evenin DiS

it’s my mum’s birthday so me and my bro have booked a wee cottage for us to stay at sort of near loch lomond for the weekend. it’s currently absolutely pissing it down and doesn’t look like stopping.



no thank you


I was going to have a big night installing Ubuntu on my MacBook but I think instead I’m going to collapse on the sofa and watch Glow.


got booze?


aye. might just be getting pished all weekend.


Get pissed with your parents?

  • Regularly
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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thank you and hello ghopo,

there’s an alarm that’s been going off for hours that’s really quite annoying me

had some amy’s kitchen veggie burgers, they were expensive and weren’t great

wasn’t kidding when I said I had nothing to contribute, huh


Hiya, I like a lime and lemonade.

Had SFPP. Got some pink g and t tins in, so one of them in a bit. Ocado on their way… snacks ahoy!


your contribution is highly valued here. thank you for your time and efforts.