Friday Evening Thread


Salad and a veggie patty for dinner. Diet is going well so far. Might have some yoghurt for dessert as a treat.

The tv and I are going out later and we’re gonna play uno somewhere nice and quiet. Dream Friday evening <3

Wbu? Dinner? Plans? Weekend plans?


well done on keeping to your diet mate :slight_smile:

I’ve been on lots of walks today and yesterday but I’m going to be naughty tonight I have beer and doritos.

If it stays dry this weekend I’m going to do a big load of gardening.

Other than that going to try and find the right creative headspace to allow me to make some music next week.


never played Uno but it looks kind of fun.

I kind of feel like playing some casual board games and doing some nostalgia with folks. Will have to just imagine the fun of this instead


Hello lovely xx

Sat in bed with a cup of coffee and a book.

We’re either going to have leftover healthy dinner which I’m a bit meh about or maybe something more oven cooked and unhealthy from the freezer… :thinking: OR we could have healthy plus some gyoza as a treat? Aye, that!

Going to get into PJs, make myself a massive gin and watch a film on the sofa. That’s it!

Looking forward to tomorrow, going to daunder round some vintage shops before heading out to the meat! Woop.


hi witches!


thanks bro, it’s not the easiest, temptations everywhere! starting to get into a habit now though i think.

sounds like you deserve your beer and doritos after your walks :slight_smile:

uno is super fun, kind of a child’s game but the tv and i like playing it so i don’t really care what other people think of us in the pub.


Hello you gorgeous man!! :wave:


gonna try to be a bit more in the daily threads I think (I’m sure you’re all dead excited to hear that!) feel like I haven’t been a good DiSer recently


Just ate up leftover sushi.

Umm and ahhing about going down to the beer festival. It’s for charity so probably should.


you should really eat the leftovers. i’m trying to cut down on food waste as well as diet, and it’s going better than i thought. turns out planning your meals a bit in advance can really help!


I want sushi.

You should go, I’m sure it’ll be fun!


do it! it’ll be fun i bet, you might discover some new tasty beers!


ah I’ve never had like an activity or something to do in a pub, seems like it would be great though. My friend went to Oxford and there was some kind of board game pub there which seemed like a great idea.


Yeah, you’re right. We will, it’ll be good :blush:


haven’t chilled out and watched a film in ages.

This was probably one of the best parts of being in a relationship, having cuddles and watching dumb films. Do you watch films on your own? Just can’t get into it myself


Isn’t there already too many beers though?


Haha, what generally happens is we sit on opposite ends of the sofa and the tv, who had extremely long legs, sprawls out and sticks his feet in my face :smiley:

Oh and yeah I do watch lots of films on my own. I love it.




idk, i don’t really drink beer anymore. but there are a lot of posts in the beer wankers thread, so i assume there are a lot of tasty ones out there!


I’m jealous!

(of your lone wolf film abilities not of you or your TV btw!)

Wait…just remembered I watched Children of Men on my own a couple of months back for some reason. Not gonna win me any indie points but I liked it