Friday Evening Thread


yeah you only really need Budweiser


Fiiiine puts on shoes


unless i’m on a plane i also find it quite hard to watch films on my own. just keep getting distracted.

the tv has this down to a fine art, sometimes watching two films on his own after i’ve already gone to bed!


Yeah, I love to dim the lights, get some delicious food in, set myself up in front of a film, get comfy and zone in. One reason it’s good watching films on your own is that you can watch whatever you want to watch with no guilt.


Have you heard yourself?


films/TV are always an excuse to stuff my face.

Fond memories of watching the Sopranos with a huge Dominos next to me.


Hey hey

Tipping down here so making pasta bake and then settling down with gin and tonic on whilst watching celeb MC.

Had a great day blackberry picking and meeting up with a friend, it’s the best part of the holidays!

@ghostpony Uno is great, that and Dobble are my favourite card games!


Ah god, I am such a strong urge for pizza. A massive filthy pizza. I once ordered a 20 inch one for myself one lonely night. I managed two slices Bam, two!


He’s got the brain lurgy, he knows not what he says.


Fake chicken burger, roast potatoes and mushrooms for dinner.

NGL, my roast potatoes are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Would eat


I got loads done today. I wish my timetable had been confirmed earlier so I didn’t sink into that slough of despond last week. My colleague got a temporary promotion and made me vaguely hopeful that I’m not just being parked.

Steak ciabatta with crinkly wrinkly chips are in preparation.

Hopefully going to watch Three Billboards later.

Maybe a NA beer or a NA G&T.


Those leftovers would be awesome next day.


Cheers folks x


I think they lasted me a while! Two days, great… more than two days I started to feel a bit greasy.


What’s three billboards about? I’ve always imagined it to be a bit like Fargo despite not being set in Minnesota, dunno why. Maybe I just get the two states confused in my mind.


Bam I don’t want to alarm you but your chips look a wee bit undercooked


never met a pizza i couldn’t finish!


nah, they’re fine. crispy in fact


Good to hear! Had me worried for a second that you were eating something sub par.