Friday Evening Thread

Talk to me DiS. Tell me all about your evenings!

In cloud water drinking all the beer.

Footy on tv later. Pierogi for tea :+1:


Standard answer: Spirited Away

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IDIOT i left my handbag at my house because a lot was going on (my dad looked at the tv to work out what’s wrong with it, my housemate’s friend arrived at the same time, the dog was wandering around and my dad was trying to befriend it and chatting to my housemate who he’s never met before, and i was trying to get my stuff for the weekend) so i have no phone all evening. gonna die.

There’s a new lidl on Easter Road, this is a great day


Oh, good stuff on Netflix. I’m struggling a bit there tbh. Mrs Z likes that “To all the boys I’ve ever loved” one though.

Hello. I’m going to pump myself full of coffee then go to see Camp Cope.

feeling a bit depressed :frowning:

no plans, obviously.


Having a beer and reading my book. Gonna get dressed soon and go out and get some food.
My right eye is watering somewhat as the tv whilst spraying my back with insect repellent managed to somehow spray it in my eye. She found it funny, I did not.


Still at work, won’t be home until 10ish

Very much this


we’re all depressed in here tonight, guys :frowning:

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Just watched last night’s celeb MC didn’t even vaguely recognise any of them.

Got some.tonic water so it’ll be g and t tonight with some parks and rec which we are rewatching with the kids, more inappropriate moments than I remember to be honest…getting a lot of questions :smile:

Look at the state of my hostel room

Gonna go investigate Seattle and then spend the evening working out whether I can afford to switch from hostels to private rooms.


:heart: to you, @ghostpony, @rich-t and anyone else needing some xx


the nightmare hostel bunk.

Hello all! GF had a right go at me for getting pissed on a school night (she’s 100% right) so I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. Need to cop myself on.

Gig tonight though, so I’m going to shred some faces off. Love the poster.


looks fine

Try spending most of the night staring at that ceiling.

Usual London Friday night of :pizza: and :beers: and low quality horror movies.

Currently watching “Ibiza Undead”, a British film that’s a clear rip off of The Inbetweeners Movie but with zombies and worse characters and Super Hans from Peep Show and Alex Zane for some reason.

Guys, somehow, it’s not great.

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