Friday Evening Thread



what’t the best junk food? having a day off my diet, i’ve decided. gonna go to the store, what should i get?

what else is up?


:pizza: obvs?!


already had my dinner though, was looking for something a bit more dessert-like?


Hey gp

Crisps are my vice, but mainly only salt n vinegar.

The TV has a gig tonight so I’m on my way to that. Glad it’s friday. I’m realky hungry.


Ice cream or crisps now I’ve seen the reply

Another 2hrs until I finish. Green Thai curry for tea. Gonna try not to stay up until 2am like I did last night.


oooh fun! whatcha gonna eat?

kind of in the mood for something sweet. like a big tray of turkish delight or fancy chocolates or something. just dunno what would hit the spot.


yeah i was thinking maybe ice cream, might go crazy and get some b & j’s, what flavour though?


All of them?


Closest bar to me only serves Mahou on draft :frowning:



dunno what this means but sorry bro


The Carling of spanish beers.


time to move





I had a burger from Burger Brothers for my dinner. Quite frankly the best junk food ever.

I’m now on a train to London for the kind of excitement meant that doesn’t come around that often when you’re a) my age and b) a parent.


Going down the west end, oxo tower or m&ms world?


having a busy night at work, playing with my new work tablet


get some cake

edit: oh it isn’t your cake day, sorry


I’m not sure, there’s too much choice where I am right now. Mexican maybe, or Greek. I’m starving and it takes ages for them to set their gear up for the gig!


dunno when my cake day is

might get a box of cookies


Got some dinkie deckers myself so maybe some bag of little chocolates??

Had the SFPP so that was good.

Have gone from a school with barely a biscuit to be found to one with home baked goods in the staffroom every day…so thats good for winter warming :smile:

Nothing on tonight, feel I may be asleep by ten…