Friday evening thread

I am in my local Chinese restaurant

hbu DiS?


What is upstairs from that?

Just watched the first two new Bojack episodes with :pizza: and :beers:.

Out in a bit to see Best F[r]iends Vol 2, the closing (presumably) chapter in Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau’s new magnum opus, with a live Q&A.

Had some SFPP.
Domino’s as they are the only delivery place in this town but should have drive to Waitrose really, half the price and twice as nice.

Nothing on tonight as am so so tired, MC and a gin and tonic I reckon.

Got to go back and argue with popular shoe shop in the morning as the fifty quid school shoes we bought have rubbed all the skin off Vs toe this week…flips sake.

Off to go see some Punk Rock Music and drink An Alcohol.

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Offices - a driving school and a cardboard wholesalers

The restaurant has the whole ground floor - public tables in the atrium and private dining rooms all around the perimeter, including a karaoke room of course. I have never, ever seen another non-Chinese person in here. It’s a wonderful secret place

I am staying at in laws holiday home. Last night before long 5 mile drive home

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It’s a lovely set up!

Evening, I’m on the bus on my way back to Seattle. I need a pee. That’s as far as I’ve got today.

In the pub


SFPP done, now just waiting for R to fall asleep so I can go back into my room and listen to the new Low album. He is still chatting away so it might be a while :frowning:

what is SFPP?

Standard Friday Pizza Protocol :pizza:


On the train back from London. My train was cancelled but I got to the station just in time to get the earlier one. Gonna listen to the new Noname album :heart:

I’m at work. An hour and 10 to go. Gonna drink a Grimbergen when I get in.


I think I shall eat homemade burgers then drink alcohol, listen to records and play online poker, hopefully interspersed with a kitty cuddle or two if she’s not out busy killing helpless rodents.

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I’m having Chinese too. Takeaway for me though, so I’m just having a cheeky half at the Gladstone while I wait. We’re trying a new place after our previous trusted Chinese closed.

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Gotta pay the troll toll


Packing :sunglasses: