Friday evening thread


Gotta pay the troll toll


Packing :sunglasses:


wot no cat swimsuit?


I walked past these lads in New York a few months ago

I didn’t stop to speak to them, but looked up the LaRouche Movement afterwards. Apparently Britain’s the main protagonist in trying to overthrow Trump, so that’s nice.


Haven’t met a single trump supporter during my time here which makes me wonder where they’re all hiding.


Hows school going?


It was too small :crying_cat_face:


Friends are going to the pub but I’m way too tired and cba


It’s brilliant. Bus loads of Chinese tourists come here but I have never seen a single Swede in the place

Food is :ok_hand:t3: as well


Did nachos and tacos for dinner. Got beer and biltong now.

Just been up to our room and had to dispatch another couple of wasps. That’s 4 so far today - the windows and doors are shut up there but I keep finding dead/almost dead wasps every fucking time I go up there. On the landing, in the bedroom, in the bathroom. Reckon I’ve dealt with 30+ in the last 4 weeks, but I’m yet to see one fly in - they just seem to appear while I’m out of the room. It’s fucking bizarre.


In that Edinburgh watching Kathryn Joseph.


just finally met the gfs mum and grandma for the first time. lovely occasion
couldn’t really understand eachother cos they can’t speak english and I can’t speak any languages but that’s fine talking’s overrated
think her grandma’s the smallest person i’ve met and seems to give great hugs


Pretty good thanks!! New school with a class with no big issues so can actually teach :smile:

Finding it a tricky to adjust myself down to that start of year level though. Keep reminding myself that they are only just starting and will get there!

How’s yr3 life??


I’m back home. all the emotions and feelings are all up in the air. all of them, good and bad.

just doing some weights and stuff, then I’m cycling to a friend’s place to feed the cats.

sigh. how do I keep the holiday momentum going? how do I not just collapse back in on myself? I need to reread the revelations I jotted down on my first night in Budapest.


Checked the loft?


Or the chimney, if he has one, maybe.


Went to the 17th birthday party of a Serbian woman in Serbia where everyone spoke Serbian and I do not. Was fun. They drank a lot of unnamed spirit from a bottle and are planning to drive home, “a quick way” to “avoid the police”

Ate a lot of bread and fed scraps of meat that I politely accepted to a kitten under the table.


New stickers arrived courtesy of @flashinglight and St. Etienne’s Bob Stanley. Nice surprise to get a signed postcard from Bob and an origami crane from FL as well :+1:

Dinner was a vegan chicken burger from Mildreds. Decent effort.

In other news, my earworm all day has been the Pikachu loves Ketchup song. Highly recommended.


keep meaning to read that bob stanley book
seems a top egg


Watching parks and rec. It’s the LIL’ SEBASTIAN episode!!