Friday evening thread


Never spoken to him, but often seen him at football; he’s incredibly unassuming.


I thought the sticker by itself seemed a bit lonely, needed something to bulk out the envelope. Glad it arrived so fast :senegal: :+1:


This is the loft.

One idea I do have is they are coming up under the floorboards - they are usually on the carpet near the window (except in the bathroom where they like to tangle themselves up in the bath mat) and it makes sense with the windows and doors being shut up there.


Had an absolute killer week at work. Got the house to myself this weekend as the gf is away with her pals. Doing hood stuff that she won’t let me do like eating a whole ball of mozzarella with salami. Might crack open a bottle of red and read this



I actually forgot yours was coming, so saw your envelope, thought it was Bob’s, then saw Bob’s and went “wait… what?”


You’ve got a nest somewhere


The woman doing trolley service on this train just gave me a whole bottle of wine


saw a donut earlier that had creme brulee in the the hole area

Just realised its been five years to the day since anyone last ate a cronut

could do with a mini bottle of wine right now


She’s given me a litre


that’s too much for me


RIP carmen


We thought so during the summer, there were loads of the fuckers going into the corner of the roof. Father in law went up there, sprayed a load of pesticide in and sealed the hole. Probably just sealed the nest inside the roof.

Better not have any of this shit when we move into our new house. Wasps only seem to bother with old houses don’t they?


Looks like you’ll get about 10 of those glasses out of that!


Watched a shit load of American Vandal and ate some CHIIIIPPSS, MAAAANN

(pizza was yesterday; sorry DiS Police)


Got my new BFI membership card through the post. The new card is the top one and the old card is the bottom photo.

Quick quiz. Name the films? The only way I know the answer is that they’re written on the back. Any smart DiS-ers know the films?


Top: Moana
Bottom: Casino Royale (original)


Painting pictures with words my man


It’s good but it’s not right.


Damn it.