Friday evening thread


I went all the way to Barcelona to see St Et and Bob came out wearing a Carshalton Athletic polo shirt, who played in the park behind my house.


Already feeling a bit ill tbh


Well it’s not really a common vegetable in that cuisine is it?


Had pizza. Drinking beers. Got some chocco liebz to have with tea in a bit. Watching stand by me with girls.

Hopefully watch some new Bojack later


He’s really into his London non-league football. There’s quite a few references in some of St Etienne’s songs. He’s certainly got a soft spot for us as his local team, Dulwich and Leatherhead and possibly a few others too.


Right then!


I’m working tomorrow and so a dry night for me.

But that’s the beer I’d love to be having right now.


Where did you get it from?


facepalm emoji


And let’s not forget that the band are named after the club not the town


Just finished watching Making A Murderer.


Waiting for the train. It’s cold. Got a cup of tea like the old person I am. When I get in I’ll have another tea and read and then go to bed at a reasonable hour for another BBR tomorrow.


It was from some box set where a load of northern breweries collaborated


Really annoyed that I’m still awake. Yesterday I worked from 6am until 1am then was up at 6am again for an induction day. I’m working all weekend and it’s all good enjoyable work but my word I’m tired.

Also I have an infection in my wisdom tooth so I have a giant swollen gum and I want to tear my face off.

Listening to the Dr Death podcast about Chris Duntsch - pretty horrific stuff


absolutely dead. was in bed at 8pm yesterday and still in bed 16 hours later. now back in bed again. please help.


Got some onion rings and a can of coke for the train home.


It’s cold, right here. Tempted to put the heating on for an hour (partly cause I like the sound of the boiler tbph).


Does it play a tune?


Felt almost as hipster as @laelfy earlier


I like drone so yes