Friday evening thread


On the way back from London after seeing the Harry Potter play, I enjoyed it. I know i may be rudiculed for that.

Just found out an old school friend, who I also played football with has passed away. I wasn’t thst close snd ive not seen him in 20 years, but still shocking.


Hellooooo :slight_smile:
Went to a charity fashion show at a village hall, was quite good tbh. Really annoyed though cause the raffle was so obviously a fix- every person that won was a member of the WI and I’m sorry but that’s just fishy to me. Really set my hopes on the tefal sandwich maker as well. Anyway long story short I’d had some free wine and two packets of fruit pastels and in a moment of madness stole a toilet roll on my way out to get my own back. Not my proudest moment and I feel quite guilty now, the village hall did nothing to deserve that


It’s a good play, although a bit overlong and predictable. Well staged and produced.


More like you s-wiped it! Heyyoh!!!


:grinning: Are you in some kind of sitcom?


Haha it felt like it!


I’m looking forward to episode 2 when, stricken by guilt, you attempt to return it without anyone finding out, but in a hilarious turn of events, the Vicar somehow ends up falling into a fish pond.


And shits himself.

Would watch.


How very Charmin of you


I don’t think it’s one of those Channel 4 comedies.


I need to get to my scratcher


Decided to carry on my Twin Peaks rewatch with s2e1 before bed, forgetting how scary some of that stuff at the end of the episode is


I’ve had ample kitty cuddles, am still playing poker and I’m now listening to R.E.M., “Green” to be precise. Pretty braw Friday night really.


Top photo is: Shiraz: A Romance Of India.
Bottom photo is: The Bitter Tears Of Petra von Kant.


Yeah same really, it’s really hard reminding myself that they are just out of KS1. Absolutely loving them though, they’re a bunch of legends and the difference from year 6 constant pressure is obvious immediately. Can see myself teaching this age for a while once I get used to it.


probably not to yours guys tatse but still can’t believe mac miller is dead :frowning: had so much to give as a musican. fuck. don’t fuck around with drungs :frowning:


Of course it is. Silly me