Friday evening thread

In a perkyish mood cus its Friday and good news re: driving test.

got this on really loud




I’m at work until 9, baby is not well (teething related issues) and I’m skint until the 10/11. Not good profk, not good

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Nearly home



innit. don’t have any money until Monday, but think I might have a couple of beers in the cupboard and a little bit of chronic in the drawer. :cowboy_hat_face:


On train to Glasgow. Mate who is going to gig with me left Blackpool at like half 5 like a complete pillock. I suspect I’ll be standing around looking a bit lost for a while. Listening to the new cloud nothings so all is not lost.

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Sounds like a good Friday night in Spain

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Say hi to Laura Veirs from DiS!


well happy CCB is back tbh


Evening everyone! Classing it up awaiting the train. Running a bit late, eek.

Hope you all have excellent weekends!! :heart:


Listening to headphones in a taxi

  • Ok
  • Not ok

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It’s been eight months and I haven’t really thought of any new jokes. But I appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

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oh right, well in that case…

Yeah so I try to be chatty with taxi drivers normally. GBOLs

But really not in the mood tonight so was thinking about keeping my headphones on

True tbh tbf

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Just reading Richard Brautigan - So the Wind won’t blow it all away. Which @Ruffers recommended in a thread ages ago.

About to engage SFPP.

Got a wedding tomorrow so just gonna drink the a can or two of beer in my fridge.

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fucking love Robert Smith

Smith is married to Mary Theresa Poole (born 3 October 1958), whom he met in drama class at St Wilfrid’s when he was 14.[9] They do not have children,[189] as they decided early in life and in their marriage that they did not want children. Smith said he was against it as he not only objects to having been born but refuses to impose life on another


You can just drink them in the kitchen if you like


Got that kind of de-mob happy Friday thing going on where i am openly drinking a glass of wine while my child watches trolls on a screen with headphones on, sitting at a coffee table picking at his ready meal (coop lasagne… trying not to think about the salt content) as he’s already spoiled his appetite with crisps, a Halloween empire biscuit and multicoloured fizzy belts. Ah well, back to wholegrains and fruit tomorrow. Bedtime will be fun.

I didn’t get formal word about the work news I’m waiting on as the person who needs to tell me is on holiday today, but one of the partners in my team has just emailed me a “congratulations” type thing. Going to pretend I didn’t see the email and respond to it on Monday when i should know for sure…for the first time ever, I want the weekend to hurry the fuck up and get over!!
Anyway, more drink…:wine_glass: